Give your Patients MORE

Studies Show
· 50% MORE Blood Flow to the Brain1
· 100% MORE Blood Flow to the Heart
· 25% or MORE Increase in Neurologically-intact Survival





Attached to an airway during CPR, the ResQPOD Impedance Threshold Device (ITD) provides Perfusion on Demand™ (POD) by regulating pressure in the chest. Studies show that the ITD’s unique technology increases blood flow to the heart, lowers intracranial pressure and enhances blood flow to the brain non-invasively. No other device does this.

The ResQPOD ITD is easy to use and helps the user ensure high quality CPR. The ITD’s timing lights provide guidance on the proper compression and ventilation rates. When combined with high quality CPR, the ResQPOD has been shown in studies to increase neurologically-intact survival by 25% or more.


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